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Unrestricted Membership Dues

Unrestricted Membership Dues for 2023.


I hereby apply for membership in the River’s Edge Golf Club Ltd. (herein “River’s Edge”) and represent and warrant that the information included herein and provided along with this application is true and correct. River’s Edge, in its absolute discretion, reserves the right to investigate such information as provided herein. In circumstances where River’s Edge undertakes such inquiries, it will maintain any information obtained in this application, and/or any information gathered during the course of undertaking any investigation as confidential.

I hereby acknowledge the Membership Rules and Regulations and I acknowledge having viewed and read and understood them, and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set forth within these documents and further fully acknowledge and recognize that the same may be modified, amended, varied or changed from time to time by River’s Edge. I further acknowledge and agree that the I am not relying on any representations or other materials (including advertising and promotional material) in applying for a Membership in River’s Edge.

x C$795.00 = C$0.00
x C$595.00 = C$0.00
x C$50.00 = C$0.00
x C$125.00 = C$0.00